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Realizing your Dream

Summit Associates is a full service Construction/Property management group. Our discriminating clients trust Summit to manage, maintain and improve their most valuable assets - their primary or secondary homes. Owning a premium property comes with countless responsibilities and challenges. Wether you are looking for comprehensive maintenance and service oversight, or have ambitious improvement visions, we make owning, maintaining and transforming a substantial home the dream that it should be. We have unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience, influence and credibility with respected vendors, and a keen eye on costs, quality and schedules.

What We Do.

Simply put, we create homes. Whether it's a new home, renovation, or custom interior, we transform visions into realities. An "Summit home" is synonymous with superior quality and distinction. But to Summit Associates, a superior product includes a superior process. Meeting deadlines, respecting budgets, foreseeing problems and avoiding them before they arise - these are always top of mind. Because we know that Summit's reputation rides on these practices as much as the end product itself.

How Do We Do It?

How do we deliver when so many fall short? First of all, we turn away a project if we can't give it the attention we insist on.Our management system, developed during 32 million dollars of residential building in the last 10 years, provides for the most accurate budget analysis and detail-structured contract.We choose quality and reliability over a quick buck and empty promises. That choice has worked well for us and our customers.We only contract with craftsmen who share our philosophy.

Howard Senior
President, Summit Associates

When you work with Summit, you work with Howard Senior. He is your contact every step of the way. This second-generation builder has been in the business of realizing visions and optimizing investments for over 30 years. He has been a sought-after builder of spec and custom premium properties, as well as a renovator of classic homes. His work spans from Greenwich CT, Rye NY, and Millbrook NY, to Jackson Hole WY. His company is built on the strength of his relationships with satisfied clients, architects, employees, and subcontractors. He draws on two generations of experience to handpick his team and deliver a superior level of work and service. And when experience is not involved in your project, delays and added expenses almost surely will be. From assessment through execution, Howard takes control and let’s you focus on other aspects of your life.